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Our Story

Roberta Lindal Founder of La Petite Ecoliere 

My name is Roberta Lindal and I'm a daughter, a cousin, a mentee, a mentor and a student of life! I'm also the Founder of La Petite Écolière - thank you for stopping by!
Like you, I believe in the importance of inspiring girls to learn and that education is a fundamental right. Working at several educational charities in Canada and internationally, it has been hard for me to ignore some stark statistics about the status of education for women here at home and abroad.

La Petite Écolière products are designed to inspire a dedication to education. Our products are proudly manufactured in Toronto, Canada and made from Certified Organic Bamboo and Cotton. For every ten products purchased, we will donate essential school supplies, including meal programs and teacher training, for one child through Plan International Canada.

Whether you look at the gaps of female representation at the board and c-suite level, the low percentages of women pursuing STEM degrees and careers, and the many barriers that prevent millions of girls in developing countries from attending school, there is much work to be done!

I hope to do my part by creating products to empower girls to take their education and learning seriously, and to know that they are capable of doing anything they choose! I also hope that by supporting the work of wonderful charities providing educational opportunities for women, we can level the playing field.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story! Please get in touch with me if you're interested in learning more!