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Role Models

Chanele McFarlane - Do Well Dress Well
Chanèle McFarlane is a multiple award-winning personal branding expert, TEDx speaker and freelance writer. Chanèle’s fascination with storytelling began at a young age. In fact, she was the first person in her Grade 2 class to read 100 books — her claim to fame! Today, she feels lucky to have crafted a meaningful career around what she’s always loved.
Ciara Pendrith is an MD student at the University of Calgary! She is a successful woman in STEM who has a Masters in Epidemiology, and has worked in several research roles at hospitals in Toronto. Check out her advice for girls interested in entering STEM fields.
Lauren Howe, Miss Universe Canada
Lauren Howe, title holder of Miss Universe Canada, and Industrial Engineer, is more than just a pretty face. Read about her passion for inspiring more girls to enter STEM fields.
Paola and Alex - GIVEAWAY
This role models post has a different spin, and a giveaway! Instead of an interview, I'd like to share my review of Paola Gianturco's new and sixth book Wonder Girls: Changing Our World. Paola teamed up with her eleven-year-old granddaughter, Alex Sangster, to interview, photograph and share the stories of 90 wonder-girls around the world.
Jane and Sameen
Samara Canada is a charity dedicated to reconnecting citizens to politics. Established as a charity in 2009, they have become Canada’s most trusted...
Jillian was introduced to La Petite Écolière when her daughters participated in the photoshoot with Alabaster Jar Photography. Jillian teaches gi...
Christina Moro is a robotics engineer and photographer. She is proud to be a Role Model for La Petite Écolière and Girls in STEM. Read on to learn about her experience as a woman in STEM!
Our first Role Model features Alexandria, a truly inspirational singer, yogi and wellness guru who is looking to shake up the traditional schooling system by bringing mandatory wellness courses to the classroom.

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