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We're Back Baby!

We're Back Baby!

After taking a hiatus to upgrade La Petite Écolière's website, create a series of fun new designs, and most importantly, focus on my health, I'm so excited to announce that LPE is back! So what can you expect from the new and improved LPE? Read on to find out...


New: Designs, Products and Website

We continued our tradition of working with talented female artists to bring you 4 new designs.These fun and funky patterns give a nod to the cells that power you, the connections in you brain that allow you to learn and speak your mind, and the stars and galaxies at the far reach of our universe.

Nurture Your Neurons Bio Babe Lucky Stars

We will be adding in new products daily to round out our product catalog, including mugs, journals and phone cases. Keep an eye on our social media pages and newsletters for new product announcements.

Plus, our recently relaunched website has a new look and feel, easy to navigate collections, and powerful search.


Gift Cards

Last minute shoppers? We got you. Facing analysis paralysis? We got you too.

You can now give the gift of choice. La Petite Écolière gift cards are available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 increments. 

You'll receive a unique code for friends and family to use at checkouts. The code can be split over several orders, and is applied to the total order amount (cost of product, shipping and taxes).

Click here to give a gift card today!


Back to Our Canadian Roots

When I first started La Petite Écolière, our products were all made in Toronto. I was working a full time job, and every spare minute outside of work went into building the brand and shipping products. And, I burnt out... Hard. I also printed 50-100 shirts at a time due to the manufacturer's minimums, not all of which were big sellers. Turns out, the designs I think are great aren't always objectively great. My parents now have dozens of unsold shirts sitting in their basement (thanks dad!).

So I made a change, and partnered with an American company to create your products to order. This helped me offer products in more colours, in more inclusive sizes, and rapidly release new product lines. It also gave me more time to focus on the creative side of the business that I love: the Role Models Interviews, our social media, the new design ideation, and the website. The downside was that our Canadian customers were often hit with customs and duties, and had long waiting times.

So now, I'm really excited to announce that adult T-shirts and sweatshirts are officially available to ship from Toronto again. We will be adding in new products in the new year, so stay tuned to our Instagram page and social media channels for more information. Please check the product page to make sure the item ships from Toronto, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


And Beyond

Our production partner has grown its reach. They now have facilities in Toronto, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Latvia. Your orders are routed to the nearest production facility, meaning you will get them faster, and in many cases with local shipping avoiding duties.

We are in the process of adding in the country clothes are shipped from on every single product description, so that you can make informed decisions about where your items come from. If you don't see the information, feel free to contact us and we can update the product page for you.

There is also a new menu item called "Shop by Collection", and we have menu items for our different countries we ship from.

Thanks for sticking with us!

To you dear reader, our customers, our supporters. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you! This year has been tough, balancing the logistical challenges caused by the global pandemic, an intensive full time job, a business, several health issues, and a family tragedy. 

The time I took off from running La Petite Écolière was needed. This is not a business I am looking to run for a year or two.. It is a business that I hope to make my life's work. So 6 months off to heal and recover will seem like a drop in a bucket a few years from now.

I am going to continue to learn as we grow, serve our customers, and serve our mission of helping girls around the world achieve the education they deserve to the very best of my ability.

And I hope you'll be here for the ride!

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