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Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Celebrating Small Business Saturday

The phrase "boss babe" has become more popular in recent years, and for good reason. Women are stepping up in the business and entrepreneurial world. It's hard not to notice all of the small businesses starting up everywhere in small and large communities. Buying from these small businesses comes with its perks. Not just perks for the business, but for your community and yourself as well. Consider the following benefits of shopping at local small businesses before heading out to the mall to shop around, because when it comes to business, bigger isn't always better.



Buying from small, local businesses, of course, shows support as income helps to keep their business going. According to a study performed in Chicago on small businesses, 68% of revenue remains within the community. Compared to the 43% of chain retailer income that remains in the community.

Shopping at small businesses has a domino effect on other local small businesses as well. Small business owners are supportive of each other. Unlike large chain retailers, local businesses often purchase their supplies locally from fellow small businesses. This keeps revenue flowing through the community rather than leaving and going into large suppliers outside of the community.

At La Petite Écolière, we work with female designers, illustrators, accountants, and web builders! It is important for us to give these opportunities to women (particularly solo-preneurs), because we believe in empowering women. As a woman-owned and woman-operated business, we’re also in the same boat!



It’s not often you run into the actual owner of the business when shopping at a chain retailer. At a small business it’s more than likely you will see them on a regular basis, or they may even be the one behind the counter ringing you out on your purchase. The manager will become familiar with her customers, often on a personal level to where she is noticing their purchases and taking note of what they could do to improve their store or product to meet the specific needs of the customers.

At La Petite Ecoliere, we (or I – Roberta, the Founder here), respond to all customer service requests, all Instagram DMs and comments. And I love hearing from you and learning more about why you support the brand!




Oanna, Dorcas, Monica: A Note To Her

I met the lovely ladies behind A Note To Her at a market full of vendors of bad-ass women. A Note To Her creates cards that celebrate diverse women through diverse stages of life: being single at Christmas, ditching an unhealthy relationship boyfriend.

They are inspired by the beautifully diverse women in their lives who come. They come in all ages, colors, and shapes.

Jenny, Ally, and Taylor Frankel: NUDESTIX

 As a chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in the world of beauty, Jenny was destined to create a line of make-up that spoke for her style and beauty ideals. Side by side with her daughters Ally and Taylor, Jenny brought to life, a line of makeup like no other.

NUDESTIX is the answer to the need for a more natural, easy, and portable line of make-up. Make up that doesn't take up space and can be applied in a matter of minutes for a full, natural look. The revolutionary line of make-up boasts the fact that it contains zero preservatives, parabens, or gluten. Additionally, it is created and tested in a cruelty-free environment. What could make their make-up line more appealing and influential to younger women?

As of recently, Hillary Duff teamed up with NUDESTIX to create her own line of products. Hilary has always been a great role model for girls since her days on Disney Channel. This is a great example of influential women working together to create a unique product for their followers.

Ellen Latham: Orangetheory Fitness

The founder of the now-famous (and not-so-small) Orangetheory Fitness never imagined that her fitness boutique would ever take off the way it has. The Florida-based company recently ranked number 1 on the annual ranking of the fastest-growing women-owned/led businesses according to the "Women Presidents Organization" (WPO). Even last year it was ranked at number 3 on that same list.

Orangetheory fitness is tailored to work with anyone at whatever fitness level they’re at. Latham created a program that is based on science. The science behind our metabolism, and what will keep it burning long after the workout is over. Latham worked hard to create a program that can help others reach their fitness goals no matter what physical obstacles may be standing in their way.



Here are some quick numbers to really show the impact that women are having on the business world. The numbers don’t lie. Women are making a significant impact on the business world, monetarily as well as influentially.

The number of women who have founded or currently run businesses may surprise some. Greater than 11.6 million business firms are owned and run by women. As of 2017, these businesses accumulate, on average, $1.7 trillion in sales. These woman-lead business firms make up at least 39% of privately held businesses.

Another big number that represents the standing of woman-ran businesses is that one out of every five business firms that have revenue at or above $1 million is run by a woman. These statistics were put together by American Express OPEN. 


Women are continuing to rise through the ranks in the world of entrepreneurship. Girl bosses are making their mark in the world. From specially tailored clothing lines and make-up products to fitness programs like no other. Women like Ellen Latham and  Jenny Frankel are setting the stage for the next generation of women entrepreneurs to come along behind them and make their own legacy.


What are your favourite small businesses owned by women? Leave a comment below!

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