La Petite Écolière is empowering girls to pursue their educations - one shirt at a time. 

Founded in 2017, La Petite Écolière is an apparel line designed to inspire a dedication and education. We want to brand education and learning as cool! For every ten shirts sold, we donate school essentials and meal programs to one girl in a developing country. Our products are proudly manufactured in Toronto, Canada from Certified Organic Bamboo and Cotton.

La Petite Écolière is building a community of girls, mothers, fathers, aunts, cousins, and friends who understand the importance and need to educate and empower girls to live a lifelong journey of learning. The young girls featured on our website are not selected based on their looks. La Petite Écolière strives to feature girls of diverse backgrounds who are active learners, and who want to talk about the subject matter they are learning in school, and in life! 

Since our launch in September of 2017, the line has already been picked up by the retailer Brika, Greys, and we have sold over 150 shirts.

We also feature role models on our website of women and girls who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their careers thanks to their education - both inside and outside the classroom. 

Press coverage
" I hope to inspire parents to have these conversations with their daughters, not only about their education and future goals, but about not taking it for granted. Because many girls worldwide do not have the resources we do."
Ecommerce Retailer La Petite Écolière Launches Girlswear For a Cause
Retail Insider - November 27, 2017
"We need to encourage girls to pick up books, not Barbies, starting at those tender ages"
Entrepreneur inspires girls to pursue education
Western News - October 10, 2017
"La Petite Écolière has been a really good platform for me to speak up about an issue I really care about because it’s given me a chance to use my voice to educate and inform people about the status of women and education globally. It has allowed me to go beyond donating to charity and really advocate for a cause."
Lowest Rates - January 22, 2018
Roberta Lindal
Founder and CEO
Every girl has a right to an education. Today, more than 62 million girls around the world are not in school. Girls' rights are human rights and that is what La Petite Écolière believes! This is why our products not only aspire to inspire our girls at home to pursue their education and journeys of lifelong learning, but La Petite Écolière also supports Plan International Canada as they educate girls and give them the nourishment, healthcare and protection that is their right, so they can flourish and go on to improve the lives of those around them. For every ten shirts that are sold, we will purchase school essentials for one child through Plan International Canada. Your purchase will not only help basics, such as textbooks and pencils, but will also fund essential meal programs and teacher training.
La Petite Écolière Logo -Pink
La Petite Écolière Logo - Black and Pink
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Exceeded my expectations. The designs are super cute and I was impressed with the overall quality- couldn't believe they're bamboo!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Great designs, great cause and super soft and comfortable. My girls love their t-shirts!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I was absolutely thrilled with this purchase! I was excited to be supporting such a great cause when I ordered my shirt, but my expectations were instantly exceeded when my package arrived. This is the softest t-shirt ever and such a well cut and high quality garment. I can't wait to spoil all of the little girls in my life with these shirts!"
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