La Petite Écolière is an apparel line designed to inspire a dedication to education. We believe that every girl should have access to education and should feel empowered and inspired to pursue her dreams.

For every ten shirts that are sold, we will purchase school essentials for one child through Plan International Canada.

Your purchase will not only provide basics, such as textbooks and pencils, but will also fund essential school meal programs and teacher training.

Our Most Loved

25 Children

Have been provided with School Essentials, such as textbooks and pencils, as well as meal programs and teacher training.

La Petite Écolière supports Plan International Canada in their mission of making schools into productive, safe and inspiring spaces where children can get the education they need to make their own choices about the future.

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La petite écolière features inspirational women. read their stories.

Role Models: Beth and Aimee from Think Humanity

Role Models: Beth and Aimee from Think Humanity

La Petite Écolière is proud to partner with and support charities and non-profits that empower and educate girls and women. We are proud to add Think Humanity as a charity partner, and support their mission to help save lives and provide hope for refugees and underdeveloped communities in Africa. We want to warmly welcome and introduce you to Beth Heckel and her daughter Aimee Heckel, who are nothing short of role models working to empower and uplift those in communities who need it most, through education, economic empowerment, clean water and healthcare.

Jordan Quinn

Jordan Quinn

Jordan Quinn is a published author and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Social Q Relations, The AnxieTee project, and the author of Korkscrewed: The Cocktail Confessions of a Modern Dating Girl. We are thrilled to add her to our growing community of Role Models!


Meet our newest Role Model, Athena Brensberger. Athena is an advocate for science, an entertainer, and a blogger and host. Athena is passionate about influencing the younger generation to get involved in the sciences, and the fusion between art and science. 

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